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Nov.23, 2009 November 24, 2009

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Wow. So Sorry! October 19, 2009

Posted by cpgiambinyy25 in Club Penguin.

Wow. I just found my password and username.

I wanted to say hello…….

Haha, well. Yeah. 🙂 Wow. It’s been awhile.

Dead Blog At Ye Service January 25, 2009

Posted by Opus in Club Penguin.

Correctimundo. Giambinyy abandonded it. And yogipen sometimes updates it. Yogipen could ya please do something with those two comments in moderation?? ITS ANNYOING ME NOT TO BE ABLE TO APPROVE THEM!! thanks 😀

Member Party 2008 January 16, 2009

Posted by yogipen in Club Penguin.

New Pin August 30, 2008

Posted by yogipen in Club Penguin.

The pin is at the boiler room. (Kind of obvious).

Click on the piano for the guitar stand.

Click on the lava lamp for the Blender.

The Water Party June 13, 2008

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Please notice this post if from http://yogipen.wordpress.com

Lots of things happened today:

  • The Water Party
  • The Stage

The Water party is awesome! I love it!

Here are the free items:
The Ice Cream Apron Returned (drat!) and you can find it in the Plaza

The Yellow duck returned (so I guess the green is more rare now) and you can find it at the cove:

Also A Sea Shell necklace is available at the Beach:

The Rooms That are decorated Are:(click on the name to see a pic)

  • Town
  • Coffee Shop
  • Dance Club
  • Ski Village
  • Mountain
  • Plaza
  • Dojo
  • Beach
  • Lighthouse Beacon
  • Docks
  • Snow Forts
  • Ice Rink
  • Boiler Room
  • Ice berg (kind of)
  • Cave/Pool
  • Mine Shack
  • Mine
  • Forest
  • Cove
  • Also when you are on the Ice berg you will see something blue. Walk towards it

    It will take you to a party room:

    On top of that in the Pool there is a demonstation on how the water party began:(animation from MRZ)

    Here is a video on a brief history of the water party (found on YouTube)

    Also If you grab the hose it will spray water (animation from MRZ)

    And If you throw snowballs they become water ballons!

    Now For the Stage

    The stage is called…

    And it looks like this:

    Click here to hear the music

    Click here to view it


    Beta up for grabs! At my site! May 31, 2008

    Posted by yogipen in Club Penguin.
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    As the Post says I am giving away a beta! It is my second and I don’t want it at all!

    To get it go to my New Page COMMENT CREDIT. Then go to the Comment Credit Store page (there is a link on that page.) To learn how to get credits read the COMMENT CREDIT PAGE. You better hurry though before it gets banned!

    Pretty cool huh?

    Hey Guys new post May 31, 2008

    Posted by yogipen in Club Penguin.
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    Hey I will try to update this:

    CPIP’S item is out:

    The New CPIP Free ITEM CAME OUT!

    And here is a special dance animation (courtesy of MRZ)

    Also There is a new post on Penguin Mail Check it out!

    Penguin Mail Update

    Hello Penguins!
    I hope all of you who received the CPIP Server Test thank you item are enjoying it! There’s been a lot of talk recently about the release of the new features and I want to give you an update on all of them, but to make it easier, we’re going to focus on one per post. 
    First–and the feature I’m most excited about–is Penguin Mail. A couple of weeks ago I talked briefly about an update to the postcard system. If you missed that post, you can check it out in the archives of this blog. 
    The team has been working really hard on this feature.
    Here’s the logo they’re playing with. 
    It will also be way easier because you be able to send buddies a postcard even if they are not logged in, and you’ll also be able to delete and SAVE your mail.
    As always, we would love to know what you think.  So keep up the feedback–it helps a lot!
    I’ll have more info on Penguin Mail, the new player card and login next week. 
    Until then…waddle on!
    -The Club Penguin Team

    There is a new newspaper

    Here is the main part of the new newspaper.

    Most of it is winners! Congrats to those who won.

    Also here is the upcoming events

    Well that’s it! Bye!

    Gone? May 31, 2008

    Posted by Opus in Club Penguin.
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    I don’t know if Giambinyy is gone but Me and zipo think so. If he isn’t gone then we can wait but i think he is but i posted to tel you he may not post Ok have a good day


    A bunch of stuff May 4, 2008

    Posted by yogipen in Club Penguin.

    The Rare pot: This is more than crud!

    Warning spoiler Alert! (Click here to see what the Rare pot will really be)

    The New clothing catalogue Came Out! It is awesome.

    (Click To enlarge.)

    (Click here to see the catalogue)

    Here are some of the new items pics:


    Queens Crown (Rare):


    Also Available:

  • Dragon costume
  • King’s crown
  • Royal robe
  • Queen’s crown (Rare)
  • Queen’s dress
  • Knight helmet
  • Knight armor
  • Tabards
  • Shields
  • Emerald hat
  • Emerald dress
  • Penguin’s work – BlacksmithHere is an animation of the Blacksmith(from Snowdobby)

    Now to the wigs (View the wig catalog. )


    The paper talks mostly about rockhoppers ship.

    New rooms:(From MRZ)

    First the Key:

    There will be a note on the door. The note is a clue were the key is hidden, the note looks like this:

    Now, you will have to find the key. Here is how to get the key:

    1. Go to the Book Room

    2. Go to the library, you can access the library by clicking on the red book on the bottom right:

    3. Select Rockhopper’s Journal and go all the way to the back of the journal, you will find a grey key, click it:

    4. When you clicked on the grey key, it will ask you if you would like to have the “Caption’s Quarters Key”, click “Yes”

    Now that you have the key in your inventory, you will have access to Rockhopper’s Quarter’s. You can also use the key as a pin

    Go back to the Ship Hold and the door will now be opened!

    Here is what the Rockhopper Quarters looks like:

    Also, there is a new Multiplayer Game called “Treasure Hunt”

    Its a game were you and your friend have to find treasure. Here is how to play:

    Object of the Game:
    Object of the Game is for you and your partner to collect buried stuff as many as you can find before all there lives run out.

    The Board:
    Each player has a side of the board (top and left) and controls where along his or her side of the board sand is dug up.

    How to Play:
    Each player must dig up sand and find hidden stuff like coins, jewels, ect…
    Player 1: Digs from Accross
    Player 2: Digs from Down
    They must keep digging until all there lives are gone.

    Here is all the jewels in the sand and how much they cost:

    Coin: 1 coin each
    Ruby: 25 coins each
    Emerald: 100 coins each

    A means that something is hidden (There is always something hidden when a is shown)

    Im guessing this game will always be there when RH is here

    Looks like thats it for the Caption Quarters. To the other new room, the Crows Nest!

    Yup! The Crows Nest! In order to go to the Crows Nest, go to the Ship and click the latter

    The Crows Nest will look like this:

    If you put your mouse on the cannon, it will fire snowballs!

    Pirate Party(MRZ)

    This party was ok. Click here to see the decorated rooms

    Free Items (Not from party)

    New Sporting catolouge

    I love baseball so here is the B-Ball clothes:

    Blue Baseball Uniform:

    Red Baseball Uniform:

    Baseball Glove:

    The new mission

    Here is a vid how to beat it:

    Vid Coming soon
    Here is how to beat it:

    1. Talk to G. Choose any option. He explains the problem with the Clocks.
    2. Click the moniter of the Snow Forts that G is pointing to. You will see the the Polar Bear and the Crab break the clock. Click the corner to exit the clock.
    3. Talk to G again. Keep choosing the top option. He wants you to find the parts to repair the clock.
    4. Go to the Gadget Room. Take the LifeGuard Rescue Tube off the shelf and put it in your inventory.
    5. Use your map and go to the Dock. Talk to the penguins from the Blue team. Keep clicking the top options until they let you play to get back the target.
    6. Here’s how you play: Click and hold the mouse until the bar goes up to the red zone. LET GO immediately when the bar is at the red zone. Then aim with your mouse and shoot at the target. Remember, the target is moving so click just a little bit ahead of where the target is going. And it takes longer for the snowball to travel the farther the penguin is from you.
    7. Once you win, they’ll give you the target. Give them the Rescue Tube so they can continue practicing.
    8. Go to the HQ. Talk to G and tell him you need to use the Electromagnet 3000. He say’s the combination is ‘key’.
    9. Go to the Invention Cabinet, which is left of the entrance to the Gadget Room. There is a Decoder available if you put your cursor on the bottom right of the screen. Decode the word ‘key’ to Secret Agent Code and input it into the lock.
    10. The lock will open. Take out the Magnetron 3000. Now go to the Iceberg on your Map.
    11. Go to the left until you see an spring-in-an-icecube floating in the ocean. Use the Magnetron to pull it out of the water. Put them both in your inventory.
    12. Go to the HQ. Go to the Gadget Room. Place the ice cube on the Test Chamber. Pull the Red lever. Now Press the Flame button. Now pull the lever again, then pick up the Spring.
    13. Go to the Town. Talk to Rookie. Then, ask him for a poster of the Prime Gear. Put it in your inventory.
    14. (Optional step) Go to the Ski Village and talk to the penguins there. They explain how the type of snow matters. And the Snow Forts has the best.
    15. Go to the Beach and talk to the yellow penguin on the chair. He say’s he gave a yellow puffle a drawing of a chair and the puffle made the chair for him. Pick up the green bucket next to him that’s on the ground.
    16. Go to the Snow Forts and fill the green bucket up with snow.
    17. Use your map and go to the Plaza. Go into the Pizza Parlor.
    18. Take the sheet of music on the floor next to the piano.
    19. Exit the Pizza Parlor. And go into the Stage. Click on the piano at the Stage. Put the sheet of music on the piano stand. Play the colored notes in the order it says on the music sheet (read from left to right). The yellow puffle will love it and come out of hiding!
    20. Now give the puffle the picture of the gear. Then give it the bucket of snow. It’ll construct a replica Gear. Place the Gear in your inventory.
    21. Now go back to the Gadget Room in the HQ.
    22. Place the Gear on the Test Chamber. Pull the lever. Push the snowflake button. The pull the lever again. Take out the hardened Gear.
    23. Go to the Snow Forts one more time. Now click on the Snow Forts Clock to get behind it. Place the Gear in the middle, the Spring on the upper left, and the Target on the outside (on top of the pole). Now exit the Clock.
    24. The Construction worker will cheer. You will get a call on your spyphone from the Polar Bear! He says He underestimated you but destroying the Clock Tower was just a distraction for his Grand Master Plan. Then he says “Until next time!” and hangs up. Uh-oh!
    25. Talk to G and exit. Claim your Medal and Gift. That’s all the news i can give you!